The main practice takes place on Tuesday nights at Fernwood School and is for kendo. This involves paired practice with bamboo swords and protective equipment. Typically members practice kata using solid wooden swords before the formal start at 7:00.  We are working with a new rotation ssytem this year to ensure good coverage of our key curriculum.  Typically we will have a cycle of three practices.  The first is a kata practice where there will be one hour of kata practice then 45 minutes of shinai kendo. The second would be a shinai kendo practice following the format below.  The third would be a shinai kendo practice but with the theme of shiai or competition.  The same key activities will take place but the organisation and arrangement is designed to make students familiar with the rules, habits and attitudes necessary to participate in shiai. This rotation may vary to focus on preparation for competition, grading or to accommodate guest instructors.


Rei - Formal start using traditional etiquette.

Taiso - Warm up and stretch.

Suburi - Basic cutting exercises.

Ashi sabaki - Footwork exercises.

Kiri kaeshi - Fundamental combined cutting and moving exercise.

Kihon - Basic striking exercises.

Uchi-komi geiko - Sequenced or opportunity based striking exercises.

Waza geiko - Focus on particular techniques.

Kakari geiko - All out attacking practice.

Ji geiko - Free practice (sparring).

Cool down and stretch.

Rei - Formal finish 8:45.  (The venue must be cleared by 9:00.)

We operate a smaller study group on Sunday nights at Carlton Forum.  The current format is that we practice jodo formally from 6 until 7:45 and have informal practice from 7:45 until 8:20.  This informal practice is currently being used for iaido, koryu (old school) swordsmanship or additional jodo practice.  It also suits some members to leave at 7:45 on occasions.