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Eishinjuku Dojo is a kendo dojo which aspires to follow the direction and example  of our teachers in Japan.  A key principle is that equal attention should be given to dojo practice, grading and competition and that we should train in the aspects that all have in common.  A typical practice will include:

Rei - Formal start using traditional etiquette.

Taiso - Warm up and stretch.

Suburi - Basic cutting exercises.

Ashi sabaki - Footwork exercises.

Kiri kaeshi - Fundamental combined cutting and moving exercise.

Kihon - Basic striking exercises.

Uchi-komi geiko - Sequenced or opportunity based striking exercises.

Waza geiko - Focus on particular techniques.

Kakari geiko - All out attacking practice.

Ji geiko - Free practice (sparring).

Cool down and stretch.

Rei - Formal finish 8:40 (The venue must be cleared by 9:00.)

There is a saying that "kendo and iaido are two wheels of the same cart".  Some members receive instruction in iaido at other BKA dojos.  Eishinjuku is insured and approved to hold iaido practices but we don't formally teach or accept students for iaido. We are insured to practice Jodo and had a dedicated practice for ten years.  Jodo is a very beneficial activity for people who practice kendo.  We aren't currently practicing or accepting students for jodo.

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