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Child Protection and safeguarding

Potential new junior members may visit to find out more about kendo and discuss membership. Robert Wix is the club Child Protection Officer.  He can be contacted through the club contact form or at practice.  No details should be included in any initial contact.  A secure method of communication can be established following the initial alert.


Robert Wix is the Data Controller for Eishinjuku Dojo. 


Eishinjuku Dojo collects email addresses and phone numbers for the purposes of routine communication with dojo members and in case of unforseen events such as cancelled practice nights.

Eishinjuku Dojo collects information necessary for effective coaching, safe and inclusive practice such as medical and health information, the nature of any disabilities and additional needs. 

Eishinjuku Dojo collects emergency contact details to be used in case of accident or emergency in the dojo.

No data is processed or used for any other purpose.  Relevant medical information will be disclosed to the Emergency Services in the event of an emergency where the member is unable to provide the relevant information themselves. No data is processed or provided to other third parties unless required by law.

Data is removed/destroyed when a member's membership of the British Kendo Association stops.  Data will be removed or destroyed ifor inactive members upon request.


Any queries can be made through the dojo contact form.

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