Eishinjuku Dojo 


All participants must be members of the British Kendo Association.  Visitors must be members of the BKA, EKF or IKF.

Training Fees
Training fees are by direct payment (contact the dojo for details) each month. £28 for adults, £20 for juniors students and unwaged.  Guest fees are £8 and £6 per session.

Equipment and clothing
Club teneguis are still available: £8 for 1, £14 for 2 or £18 for 3


Hakama and keikogi sets (some sizes in stock). The main advantage from buying from the club is that we can bring several sizes for you to try but it does also work out cheaper for you as they are sold almost at cost.


Shinais and bokuto.


Check for current prices (members only).                                     

Beginner's Packages


These packages offer basic equipment and the weekly training fee at a discount to save you time and money when you start.  We insist that new members use this method under normal circumstances as in the past we've seen people arrive with substandard or inappropriate equipment that they have sourced themselves. It can be embarrassing when this happens and nobody wants to waste money. 


Adult beginner's package       £75


This includes a shinai, a bokken, a cloth weapons bag  and 4 sessions.


Junior beginner's package      £50.


This includes a shinai, a cloth weapons bag and 4 sessions. We normally lend juniors a bokken until they want to buy their own..