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How to Join

We are used to welcoming new members of all different ages, experiences and fitness levels.  There is no maximum age but we currently only accept children aged 11 and above. Don't be put off if you haven't exercised for a while or have health worries, just take care to seek appropriate medical advice before starting kendo.  A health declaration is included in the member profile documents referred to below but additional information may be required in some circumstances.



Step 1:       Watch a session to see if it's what you expected (If you are under 18 you must be accompanied by the adult that will                       sign a consent form if you choose to join us).


Step 2:       Join the British Kendo Association online at (We strongly recommend the temporary membership

                  option for adults).


Step 3:       Download and complete either the Eishinjuku Member Profile document or the Junior Member Profile document as

                  appropriate. Contact the dojo to discuss any special circumstances or concerns. 


Step 4:       Download and complete the Parental Consent form for any new members under the age of 18.


Step 5:       Contact the dojo to arrange a start date.


Step 6:       Arrive at the dojo in good time on the prearranged date (6:45 at the latest) with completed paperwork and payment                       for the Beginner's Package.  Please wear appropriate clothing and avoid jewellery that could snag or catch during                           practice. Make sure that you bring water with you.

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