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July Dojo Leader Update

Hopefully July 2nd is our first practice in armour after our intensive annual kata sessions.

Attendance is naturally low during the summer but there has been a great atmosphere in the dojo whilst we've been working on fundamentals with the bokuto and building our understanding of kata.

Eishinjuku Dojo didn't restart Iaido and Jodo practices after Covid for a number of reasons.  Most important amongst those is that it's generally not appropriate to practice on any long term basis without a formal teacher.  (This can contentious amongst practitioners who don't have formal teachers). Our practice previous to this was approved and encouraged as we started jodo from scratch and developed our training over a ten year period.  I restarted formal Iaido practice two years ago under Martin Clark at Kenyukan Suffolk which is a recognised Muso Shinden Ryu dojo under Ishido Sensei in Japan.  I now have permission to start practices in Iaido and Jodo for Eishinjuku members, although there are many practical issues to overcome before this can become a reality. This is exciting news for people who want to practice kendo and Iaido or kendo and Jodo in the East Midlands.  I make no claims about my own abilities but you can be assured I am being taught and mentored by one of the best instructors in the UK with the back up of a great teaching team and the best support from Japan. 

Finally, my Facebook feeds are full of pictures and post from friends all around the world who are converging on Milan for the World Kendo Championships.  GB has a great team and great prospects but more importantly kendo is a great way to expand your international perspectives 

I hope everyone has a great championship.

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