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March Dojo Leader Update

I'm really proud of the effort and energy level in the dojo and very grateful to be able to practice with our two new members from Hong Kong.

On a personal note I passed 3rd Dan iaido recently.  This is a low grade still but there are no easy gradings in these arts!  It's important to keep challenging for grades and face the risk of not passing.  The reason to mention this is to show that I am continuing to train and develop myself.  Teaching at Eishinjuku is an important part of my life but I am the same as the dojo members.  There is no resting or complacency!  The other important point is that it means my understanding of the basics of swordsmanship continues to grow and if we have an introduction to iaido session I can be more confident that what I say and demonstrate is correct.  Kendo is about the use of the katana so I recommend iaido as a necessary activity.  Unfortunately there is no BKA dojo nearby.  I travel to Cambridgeshire to receive instruction.

Currently we are not accepting new junior members.  There are various reasons for this that I'm not going to outline here.  I have ideas as to how to past the various obstacles in our way and will change the status of the dojo when things change.

Let's enjoy practice together!


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