December 2021 Update

Normal sessions will resume on 4th January at Fernwood School on Tuesdays 7th (hall open 6:30, formal start 7:00, finish 8:40). We are able to welcome new members if you have an interest in learning a dynamic and challenging martial activity. (We cannot accept new junior members at this time but will keep the situation under review).
Kendo practice requires respect for others so please follow all usual Covid guidelines including self testing and avoiding participation if you have any signs of illness. We would expect that all members follow government guidance as obedience and cooperation are prerequisites for any study so should be fully vaccinated unless there is a medical exemption.  If that presents a problem for any prospective member then feel free to contact us in confidence and if necessary we will seek further advice. Members must accept that there is some risk in group activities but are free to modify practice or request adaptations.