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December Update

The dojo will be closed until January 30th. Please attend other local dojos and concentrate on developing core skills with your solo training.

Well done to J for representing the dojo at the Mumeishi 3s 50th anniversary taikai. His fighting spirit award was well-deserved.

In setting about restocking club equipment it became apparent that the cost of equipment has risen between 50% and 100% since before lockdown, which is no surprise of course.  It means the Beginner's Pack offer of £75 is no longer possible as it contains £116 of equipment and £24 of lessons.  The original idea was to provide people with an easy way into kendo and effectively offer the usual free lessons that others offer.  We were able to get a dojo discount that meant that the (small amount of) funds raised offset the hall fees. This was good for all concerned. As this is no longer viable so we will  have to implement C Sensei's: "No pay, no play" rule. I'm disappointed to withdraw the Beginner's Pack after 15 years but it is a necessary action. We may restart a revised arrangement after considering alternatives. We will maintain a stock of shinai to allow members to start and will lend bokken until members can purchase their own. Nine Circles offer a good value set that members can source themselves.

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