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Trevor Chapman

Trevor and Rob kata.jpg

We are able to practice kendo because of the hardwork and generosity of those that have gone before.  Sadly Trevor Chapman (pictured left) passed away in 2018.  Chapman Sensei founded the Kashi no ki kenyukai dojo (Ollerton, Nottinghamshire) and was a major influence on kendo development in the East Midlands.  Chapman Sensei was responsible for making it possible for Wix Sensei to practice kendo in Japan at Kobukan Dojo in Tokyo with Ozawa Sensei, was the most influential figure in defining Wix Sensei's attitude to kendo and made it possible for Eishinjuku Dojo to open. Currently Wix Sensei has visited Kobukan Dojo on 11 different trips to Japan and has gratefully received instruction and advice from Ozawa Sensei and other Kobukan members.  Ozawa Sensei, Chapman Sensei and Kobukan dojo are featured here in the Warriors of Budo documentary by Jon Braeley.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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